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An excerpt from an interview with Ilse Crawford:
What is your own process of design? 
We always start with the context, the content, and our particular approach is to always start with the human being. The human being is always at the center of the project, we start with real life. Our fundamental point of view is to understand how spaces will be used and how they will feel—physically, emotionally, sensorily, how they operate socially—so we really understand how spaces change the way we behave and feel. We don’t start with the design, we start with the behaviour and the life that will be lived in that space. The culture of that space is always going to be specific to the client and the context and the particular conditions, which makes it very interesting.


  1. Michael Thurston Graves says:

    I have admired your parents’ home in Amarillo from the outside for years walking in the neighborhood. I have long admired your mother’s work as a fellow Rotarian. Today I was fortunate to meet your father and tour you brilliant creation. Every detail is tasteful and perfect.
    I have a plainview-raised inventor daughter living just across the Bay from you in Castro Valley, so I frequently visit your region. Thanks for the two significant contributions to art and architecture in Amarillo. I hope I have a chance to meet you and explore what you might be able to design for a home and or a hangar-home for myself.

    1. asht8709 says:

      Thanks, Michael. I appreciate the nice words.

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